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"I had never liked going to a gym until I found FitMo! It is hands down the BEST! I love everyone that goes there and it feels like we are a family. The trainers Anita & Kasey really care about all of us and are wonderful! I would highly recommend FitMo to everyone. Come join our team and give us a shot. You won’t regret it!" 

-Terri R

"FitMo Fitness + Training continues to make a positive difference in my life as I approach 7 decades of living. Whether you are young, old, or in between, the knowledgeable staff make it possible for anyone to get into the best physical and mental shape of their lives. A cooperative spirit is present in every activity as we "do work" together. An informed and highly trained staff is able to assist anyone who has special needs following an injury or surgery, and will work with other health professionals to make sure your fitness program is right for you. I strongly recommend FitMo Fitness + Training to anyone who is looking for a fitness family."

-Roger H.

"FitMo is the kind of gym where every age, size, and fitness level will feel comfortable. The trainers are all great at keeping you motivated. I am so happy to have found Anita - our workouts are never boring! I get the encouragement I need to do the best I can, and feel great every time I walk out the door. FitMo has a very friendly 'fitness family' vibe."

-Bev A.

"I have joined a number of gyms in Wilmington but Fitmo is by far my favorite. There is such a positive and welcoming environment. Casey and Anita make sure group classes are inclusive for all fitness levels and help tailor movements to your abilities when needed. The entire team is incredibly knowledgeable and professional! It is truly my favorite fitness facility in town!​"

-Emily P.